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“Transitions in Asset Ownership,
and the Human Life Cycle”

I help clients navigate through life transitions and asset transactions, while minimizing tax and liability exposure.

I create estate plans, and pre and post nuptial agreements, and administer trusts, estates, and probate.

I structure business entities for startups, professional services, and to hold and transfer real estate, intellectual property, collectibles, and other investments.

I offer solutions for all kinds of families and individuals, including family members with special needs, and couples contemplating marriage, divorce, or a non-marital event.

Excellent communication skills.
Keen understanding of social dynamics.
Responsive, Candid, Discreet.

Full service and limited scope legal services.
Consultations by phone or in person.

Call me for a free 15 minute conversation.
In many cases I can quote a fixed price after reviewing the details of your situation.